dancing3.JPGDancing on the waves of green, relying solely on my delicate little feet. I let your presence encompass me until the point I need help to breath. Orbiting round this special space, I do believe I have found my happy place.




art 2

At attention for the light, my happy soul is burning bright.Surrounded by others I can hear them now but, I imagine not one conscious being is close to me. The sun is mine and I belong to it, seems such a natural fit. From dawn til dusk our affair is delightful and at the witching hour becomes so daunting. I close my eyes and force my slumber for when I wake my searching soul finds you.

D is for Dreamy

D is for Dreamy.jpg

Dreamy yet so real you are exactly what I need. You wave at me like a breeze and I shiver down to my knees. Open my eyes and come to my senses. Still there you stand it’s no illusion. I pull myself out of this foggy state and draw the conclusion. You are my dream and my reality. If not for this I would be lost in a delusion.

Color My Spirit

C is for Color.jpg

My spirit is free and so is my soul. Choose one of these pencils and see the story unfold. The blues and the greens are my repentance and heartache through the years. This one is not for the faint at heart but could be a really great start. Then the reds, pinks and oranges …these are my passions that are a bit fiery. Passions that I have fought throughout my life only because certain people find them to be way too bright. Color my spirit and you will see all that only I can be. Free!

A is for ALBUM

A is for Album Take a walk with me down Penny Lane to see a Paperback Writer we were supposed to meet Yesterday but it was A Hard Days Night and now I Feel Fine. 

We need A Ticket To Ride it’s good for Eight Days A Week it takes you down The Long And Winding Road. I would much rather walk cause I Want To Hold Your Hand so Let It Be and We Can Work It Out to Get Back. 

Hey Jude we wanted to Come Together and explain that All You Need Is Love and you must know that She Loves You. We thought you may need some Help! 

As we make our way back home I clearly state Can’t Buy Me Love just Love Me Do. Stopped on my cobblestone street I look at him and simply say Hello, Goodbye. 



Crisp and cool yet warm at the same time is this feeling of mine. Antiques we may be but our roots are strong. Year after year we open our hearts without fear of harm. Full of excitement just to bloom. The sun we worship but glow under the moon.

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