B is for Bluebell


Am I dreaming or is that you? I hear sweet bells of love so true. Am I dreaming or was that your honeyed kisses that I feel? They taste  so candied as if you knew. Am I dreaming? If it  is true please do not wake me from this blissful blue.

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A is for ALBUM

A is for Album Take a walk with me down Penny Lane to see a Paperback Writer we were supposed to meet Yesterday but it was A Hard Days Night and now I Feel Fine. 

We need A Ticket To Ride it’s good for Eight Days A Week it takes you down The Long And Winding Road. I would much rather walk cause I Want To Hold Your Hand so Let It Be and We Can Work It Out to Get Back. 

Hey Jude we wanted to Come Together and explain that All You Need Is Love and you must know that She Loves You. We thought you may need some Help! 

As we make our way back home I clearly state Can’t Buy Me Love just Love Me Do. Stopped on my cobblestone street I look at him and simply say Hello, Goodbye.