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Tentacles that twist and turn, is what you use to make me yearn. Grabbing at my soul’s desire, getting ready to spark a fire. Wanting more of you each day, can you please come out to play? Ring around the rosy does not interest me, let us frolic in the sun. Let me loose but not for long, I want to delight in your love.


Paint For Me….

rose red.jpg

Paint for me if you will, an image of lovers with dreams that have bee fulfilled. Falling at an accelerated pace, lovers who know they are meant to be bedmates. Paint for me if you will, the intense admiration for me that I know so well. 

Just One

just 1.jpg

Just one kiss is all it will take to remove my tears from my face. Just one kiss from your smooth silken lips is the one thing that I miss. Just one kiss that will do to chase away all my blue. Just one kiss on my cheek is more than enough to make my knees go weak.Just one kiss upon my skin will make the sun finally shine again.

Open Up


Open up your arms to me, so I can inescapably begin to breath. Let me in to feel your warmth and cover me from the storm. Stormy skies are all around, in your asylum we will not be found. Please release me when it is over and let your love go without a shudder. I will return to thee one day but for now I must be on my way.

Purple Rain

Purple Rain.jpg

My Tribute to One of the Most Epic Artist of Our Time

“Honey I know, I know, I know times are changing
It’s time we all reach out for something new
That means you too
You say you want a leader
But you can’t seem to make up your mind
I think you better close it
And let me guide you to the purple rain…..”

~Prince        R.I.P.

Hanging On


I see no reason to keep hanging on to something that is already done. The Spring in my step has a lighter tread, and my thoughts are no longer filled with dread. Hanging on is what we do, sometimes making the skies so blue. Let me go take my flight, to find myself a little sprite. Sway with me in the wind, for this is where it all begins.

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art 2

At attention for the light, my happy soul is burning bright.Surrounded by others I can hear them now but, I imagine not one conscious being is close to me. The sun is mine and I belong to it, seems such a natural fit. From dawn til dusk our affair is delightful and at the witching hour becomes so daunting. I close my eyes and force my slumber for when I wake my searching soul finds you.

Color My Spirit

C is for Color.jpg

My spirit is free and so is my soul. Choose one of these pencils and see the story unfold. The blues and the greens are my repentance and heartache through the years. This one is not for the faint at heart but could be a really great start. Then the reds, pinks and oranges …these are my passions that are a bit fiery. Passions that I have fought throughout my life only because certain people find them to be way too bright. Color my spirit and you will see all that only I can be. Free!

B is for Bluebell


Am I dreaming or is that you? I hear sweet bells of love so true. Am I dreaming or was that your honeyed kisses that I feel? They taste  so candied as if you knew. Am I dreaming? If it  is true please do not wake me from this blissful blue.

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