Crisp and cool yet warm at the same time is this feeling of mine. Antiques we may be but our roots are strong. Year after year we open our hearts without fear of harm. Full of excitement just to bloom. The sun we worship but glow under the moon.

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Come Closer


Come closer and enjoy the view with me. This water is so still and blue as the sea. Come closer and keep me warm. The wind is whipping and I feel a storm. Come closer and hear a secret. I would not love this pond so much if not for you.

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spring rain

Is that rain that I feel? On my tongue a raindrop appears. It feels so good and alive. I think it’s my only way to survive. If you don’t mind I will sit right here and gather all the refreshment that it gives. It helps me grow into a beauty that soon you will see in all my glory especially when raindrops appear.

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A Little Knot

A Little Knot

A little knot that he tied around my heart and it became a work of art. He worked and worked everyday and it almost seemed as if it was a recited play. Round and round with the twine until he realized that he had bound us as one with just “a little knot”

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Speak to Me

speak to me

Speak to me she says as she is basking in the warm spring sun. The breeze blows back her hair as if it were petals on a pansy. She is a gorgeous specimen which in turn cause others to go mute when in her presence. It is almost as if she causes them to go into some sort of dreamy state of mind just by looking at them with her piercing eyes.


A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.

~John Lennon

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