In A World

cades 6.jpg

In a world of mossy green, that is where I long to be. Velvety fields to lay upon, pitter patter of insects marching is a familiar sound. Exploring ideas of life itself, not a care in the world only rest. Hiking up the mountain high, not mumbling a word or even a sigh. In a world of mossy green, that my friend is a daydream.


Open Up


Open up your arms to me, so I can inescapably begin to breath. Let me in to feel your warmth and cover me from the storm. Stormy skies are all around, in your asylum we will not be found. Please release me when it is over and let your love go without a shudder. I will return to thee one day but for now I must be on my way.

Hanging On


I see no reason to keep hanging on to something that is already done. The Spring in my step has a lighter tread, and my thoughts are no longer filled with dread. Hanging on is what we do, sometimes making the skies so blue. Let me go take my flight, to find myself a little sprite. Sway with me in the wind, for this is where it all begins.

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Wake Me


Wake me from within my dream, let me feel you kiss away my screams. Touch me gently with your gliding hands, as if you are in a fragile meadowland. Open my eyes and my heart, promise me that you shall not part. Breezy kisses that I feel makes me thinkĀ this dream is surreal. So wake me from this promised land and I will be all I can.



art 2

At attention for the light, my happy soul is burning bright.Surrounded by others I can hear them now but, I imagine not one conscious beingĀ is close to me. The sun is mine and I belong to it, seems such a natural fit. From dawn til dusk our affair is delightful and at the witching hour becomes so daunting. I close my eyes and force my slumber for when I wake my searching soul finds you.

D is for Dreamy

D is for Dreamy.jpg

Dreamy yet so real you are exactly what I need. You wave at me like a breeze and I shiver down to my knees. Open my eyes and come to my senses. Still there you stand it’s no illusion. I pull myself out of this foggy state and draw the conclusion. You are my dream and my reality. If not for this I would be lost in a delusion.