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Tentacles that twist and turn, is what you use to make me yearn. Grabbing at my soul’s desire, getting ready to spark a fire. Wanting more of you each day, can you please come out to play? Ring around the rosy does not interest me, let us frolic in the sun. Let me loose but not for long, I want to delight in your love.


Open Up


Open up your arms to me, so I can inescapably begin to breath. Let me in to feel your warmth and cover me from the storm. Stormy skies are all around, in your asylum we will not be found. Please release me when it is over and let your love go without a shudder. I will return to thee one day but for now I must be on my way.



Help! I think I am falling into this ethereal beauty. I cannot help myself her magic is bewitching. Like a magnet is her force, resistance is not a choice. Flowing freely to her core I surrender as if in a war but in free will I will feel her warmth.

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Crisp and cool yet warm at the same time is this feeling of mine. Antiques we may be but our roots are strong. Year after year we open our hearts without fear of harm. Full of excitement just to bloom. The sun we worship but glow under the moon.

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The Blanket


There she was in the forest, so dark and so cold. Wilted and withered with no one to hold. She felt a breeze and opened her eyes. There under her blanket with her was her lover to hold.


“If you are cold at night, let the promise of my love cover you like a warm blanket”                       ~Matthew White

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The Queen



the queen 2

The Queen

The Queen of summer is considered a weed in these parts, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This gorgeous gal was sitting and posing ever so perfect for her portrait taken by me. Darling girl she is…

Mercy, be given to reign and serve you as your Queen.                                                                    ~Queen Elizabeth II

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