dandy macro.jpg

Tentacles that twist and turn, is what you use to make me yearn. Grabbing at my soul’s desire, getting ready to spark a fire. Wanting more of you each day, can you please come out to play? Ring around the rosy does not interest me, let us frolic in the sun. Let me loose but not for long, I want to delight in your love.

Paint For Me….

rose red.jpg

Paint for me if you will, an image of lovers with dreams that have bee fulfilled. Falling at an accelerated pace, lovers who know they are meant to be bedmates. Paint for me if you will, the intense admiration for me that I know so well. 



Time is measured by days not years for this sweet little dear. For her beauty I do not fear, days turn into weeks yet her essence draws me near. Texture in wrinkles and curls, it’s amazing how much I truly love this girl. In time she fades into a wickedly wonderful hallucination that I see as bright new fancy. So  only imagine her being so soft and gentle, not shedding a tear for she is in your heart.