Carved Heart

Carved heart 2.1.jpg

Oh look, what is this I see? I do believe nature has carved a heart just for me. Years, over stretches of time, must be how nature let me discover this find. My love has been since a child, and now I know it finally shows me it is love so divine.


This Old House

In this field we used to play, spent all day hunting shade. It was our home, simple and plain, yet we felt like kings of this place. Little red roof to match my shoes, the ones I wore when you made me choose. I left this place when I grew older only because I had your shoulder. You swept me away to another world, but you can’t take the mountains out of this old girl. 


cades 3.jpg

Surreal or absolute? What inside this room will tell the truth. Trapped inside this universe seems to be such a curse. Wake from slumber and hear a mutter or perhaps that was a small flutter. See inside this fairy tale, see what the shadows will unveil. Much much more inside this door that you hesitate to explore.

Meet Me Under The Water Tower


Meet me under the water tower where we once had loads of fun. We would play Ring Around the Rosy until we tumbled on to the ground with laughter from everyone. The winner wore a crown of daisies the loser joined in. That’s the little water tower where it all began.

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Buzzing Flowers


On a bright Springy day I found myself thinking what before me must lay. I jumped out of bed,  prettied up and grabbed ahold of my coffee cup. A sense of boredom flashed through my mind but I swept it away and prepared for this dawn to dark. Rushed out the door as one always does but wait…did I hear a mourning dove? I raised my head to get a view and what I seen was a field of flowers buzzing like bumble bees not only a few.